Philosophical Thought - Does Quantum Mechanics Mean the Universe Lazy Loads?

Sep 9, 05:40 AM

I was reading this article in Scientific American about Living in a Quantum World
and started to think, you know if I was computer programmer creating a simulation as large as a universe I would definitely take some shortcuts. Why not have particles run in a probability cloud, it’s too expensive to know exactly where they are all the time. I’d just do the calculations when something needed to be worked out, like when it was observed. Okay, now you’re looking at this I’ll work out the mass, I’ll tell you the velocity. What about entanglement? Well that would just be a sneaky way of saving memory, I’d share pointers to particles that are pretty much the same. Does this mean we’re living inside of a simulation? Does it really matter? It does seem that the universe does lazy load though; God is my kind of programmer.

Benjamin Ranck



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